Why Real? I asked. “I like the shirt and the team.” Juan was waiting for a bus, all crouched on the bench within the bus-stop glass enclosure, when I approached him. He was very kind and stepped outside so I can take a picture. This is the first long sleeves shirt I encountered, which reminded me that soon the jerseys will be hidden under sweaters … Continue reading REAL MADRID, JUAN


Why Bayern? I asked, astounded. “Because of Ribéry, he’s our favourite player.” I was some 50m behind them when I notice two large number 7 walking away. The whole street was shiny red. I increased my walking speed thinking of the best way to approach them, to make sure they agree to be photographed. I can’t miss this opportunity, I thought. But suddenly they stopped … Continue reading BAYER MUNICH, MARIO and SAMUEL


Why Chelsea? I asked. “I don’t know, I just like Chelsea.” Sometimes we simply don’t know why we favour a particular team over all the others. Especially if that team is Chelsea; I would imagine it can be hard to come up with a good reason, unless one was born around Stamford Bridge. This nice fellow Eric is from Toronto though, and only visiting Montreal. When … Continue reading CHELSEA, ERIC


Why Željo? I asked. “Because you told me so dad!” I can’t fit into this shirt anymore, but I doubt I’ll ever meet anyone else walking one of these in Montreal, so I asked my daughter if she would wear it, for the camera. She kindly agreed. Back in the old days when I lived in Sarajevo I could see Željezničar‘s stadium Grbavica from my room. Up … Continue reading ŽELJEZNIČAR, HANNA