Why Real? I asked. “That’s my team, man, even before Zidane started playing there.” I met Kianoosh just around the block after I left my house, a perfect scenario, before I got lost in the city. Just like Tania, the other Real Madrid footballista, he really wanted to show how confident he is about the club he supports. He held the index finger upright on every single photo I … Continue reading REAL MADRID, KIANOOSH


Why Bayern? I asked, astounded. “I’ve supported them since I was a child.” Of course, as a child, one can easily and inexplicably fall in love with certain things, even with Bayern Munich, it seems. But, sometimes, there is a way out. This young fellow Mehdi, who came to Montreal from Algeria, shows how with maturity even one’s heart can become wiser. Nowadays, in his words, … Continue reading BAYERN MUNICH, MEHDI


Why Real? I asked. “Ronaldo.” That was Tania’s simple answer as she turned her back to me and tapped the name on the jersey. Tania was great to meet, very enthusiastic about Ronaldo, and consequently Real Madrid, as well as about out two minutes long photo shoot. She was willing to show me some other jerseys in her possession. I suspected that she might pull out … Continue reading REAL MADRID, TANIA


Why Liverpool? “Anfield, You’ll Never Walk Alone, The Kop… Stories. There was nothing like it, in football, when I was growing up. LFC won everything there was to win and many times over.” Somehow it seems right to start the series with a self-portrait; me in a, now it seems ancient, Liverpool FC shirt. Long gone are Carlsberg and Reebok but the shirt always means only … Continue reading LIVERPOOL, VEBA


“Why Fener?” I asked. “I love the intensity man, love the intensity.” I spotted the shirt from the other side of the street so I couldn’t miss the opportunity. I ran across to meet Dave as he was enjoying what looked like a slush beverage with his friends. He was very excited to participate, in his Fenerbahçe shirt. I was as excited since I don’t recall seeing … Continue reading FENERBAHÇE, DAVE