Czech Republic, Matthew

Why Czech? I asked. “My parents come form Czech Republic.” Matthew is very busy, so our conversation was very brief, but he was kind enough to stop for a moment so I could take a photograph. Ne doesn’t follow soccer much, he said, but major tournaments catch his attention. Finally, I got to meet someone wearing a jersey of a team (club or national) from … Continue reading Czech Republic, Matthew


Why PSG? I asked. “That’s my home team.” Olivier came from Paris just a few days ago to spend some time with his cousin Nicolas, and his nephew Noah. I asked if he is considering staying in Montreal and he replied, with a grin, how Nicolas is trying to talk him into it. The family dress code is obvious and Noah looks awesome in his PSG shirt. … Continue reading PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN, OLIVIER and NOAH


Why PSG? I asked. “That’s where I come from.” What a thrill to run into a group of people, on a busy Montreal street, all wearing Paris Saint-Germain shirts as if they are going to the game to Parc des Princes. Only Parc des Princes is a few thousand kilometers away. Nicolas came to live in Montreal in 1995 but has never lost his sentiments for … Continue reading PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN, NICOLAS


Why Chelsea? I asked. “My uncle lived in England in the 80’s and became a fan. So it’s in the family now.” Agonizingly long winter is finally over and the time has come for football/soccer fans to come out in their jerseys. So today I walked my dog, the camera in my bag, wearing my LFC shirt only. I was walking by a group of young … Continue reading CHELSEA & MONTREAL IMPACT, NICK


Why PSG? I asked. “That’s my heart club. I come from Paris.” When I moved to Montreal 13 years ago one of the first people I met was my neighbour who came from Toulouse. After I had told him that I come from Sarajevo he started screaming “Safet Susic, Safet Susic!!!” and dribbling an imaginary ball. Only then I realized how big of a player … Continue reading PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN, FABRICE


Why Atletico? I asked. “Because Falcao plays there.” David is Colombian. I met him as he was running home to watch Colombia-Urugway WC qualifier. He came to Montreal to study Art and Literature at Lassale college. He’s hoping to get into Concordia’s art program next year. We had a short rant about Real Madrid as he was unhappy that Real gets all the attention while … Continue reading ATLETICO MADRID, DAVID


Why Bayern Munich? I asked. “I love Bayern.” He was sitting on a bench with two friends, a cup of Tim Hortons’ coffee in his hand. It looked as if this is his daily routine but Mohammed came to Montreal, from Jordan, only two days ago. He will be studying engineering at the Concordia University. That Tim Hortons’ might have been his first ever, I thought. … Continue reading BAYERN MUNICH, MOHAMMED